Thinking About Getting A New Dog?

In need of a man’s best friend? Dogs are wonderful and loyal companions who are completely smitten with their owner. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Maybe you’ve had a dog recently and unfortunately had to go through the process of losing them. Now, after the grief has passed, you’re ready to start a new relationship with a new dog.


By visiting various shelters and dog breeders, there are plenty of dogs out there in need of a good home.


If you choose to adopt a puppy, plan on doing a good amount of basic training. If you want an older dog to be your pal, you have to find a way to peacefully get them accustomed to their new environment.

 How to Choose

The first step before you bring a dog home is to decide which breed will best suit you and your lifestyle. Maybe you want to switch it up from a dog breed you’ve had in the past. Consider the different sizes, requirements and activity level for each dog. Very active people will want an active dog that is okay with going all the time and having lots of energy to expend.


For the laid-back person, you might want a dog that shares your personality and is less active and calmer.


If you are looking for a dog breed that will join you on the couch under a blanket and requires little exercise and overall maintenance, here is a short list:

Some New Dog Breeds to Consider

Basset Hound – commonly known for hunting, this breed also likes to veg out whenever possible and for as long as it’s needed.

Maltese Breed

Maltese – this is the ultimate lap dog. The Maltese rarely needs an excuse for curling up in the lap and taking a nap.


Mastiff – one of the largest breed of dog, the mastiff is no stranger to relaxation.


Shih Tzu – this breed tires out quickly after a round of play. Eager to curl up a take a nap, you can certainly lounge with the Shih Tzu.


French Bulldog BreedFrench Bulldog – not an athletic breed at all, the French Bulldog is a watcher rather than a participant.


These are just a few possible breeds out there, but there are hundreds to choose. Not to mention the mix breeds and “mutts” from your local shelter or SPCA are great options as well. You can get a mix in personalities and really feel good about providing a loving home to an animal that needs it.

Successfully Introducing Your Dog and New Baby

Dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners and often become a member of the family when dog and babythey are a puppy, making them the family baby. Growing up and caring for them in the same way as an actual baby can make them territorial, especially when it comes to introducing new family members.


When your family expands with the birth of a newborn, your dog may feel sad, frustrated and pushed aside by the baby. Ignoring your dog could lead to behavioral problems, like acting out, going to the bathroom inside, getting into things they’re not supposed to and so forth. This behavior is a cry for their attention, away from the baby.


Dogs find babies to be confusing little beings that make strange sounds, smell different and need their owners 24/7. Obviously you want to care for and cuddle your new bundle of joy, especially because their needs to be met as soon as possible. However, you can make your dog feel important and part of the process of caring for your newborn.


The first step to a successful relationship between dog and your baby is the introduction.


Prior to bringing the baby into the house, take a blanket that the baby was wrapped in at the hospital home so that your dog can get familiar with the scent.


Upon bringing the baby home, make sure the dog is greeted first with the same excitement and attention as every other day.


Once the “hellos” are exchanged, leash your dog gently and quietly and slowly bring the dog over to the baby carrier. The dog will want to smell the baby and may try to lick the baby. Avoid reprimands if possible and be sure to pet and speak softly to your dog with the command of “good boy/girl”.


Make sure the first meeting is quiet and in a communal space such as the living room. If you sense your dog is getting agitated or nervous, end the meeting and try again later.


Every day interactions should be positive. Some may think to keep the dog at bay unless the baby is sleeping, but you want to do the opposite. As you care for the baby, allow your dog to be right there so they do not feel left out.


It is a lot of work and patience, but over time, you can foster a successful bond between your dog and baby.


How Dogs Know So Much About Their Owners

Dog's EmotionIt has been said, and known, to all owners dogs are very intelligent animals. We spend so much of our daily lives caring for and building a loving and trustworthy relationship, which is why it is no wonder we know so much about our dog.


But when we consider a dog’s intelligence, are we looking past their ability to respond to commands and follow directions and see just how much they actually know about us? Yes, that is right. A dog spends more time learning about his owner than the owner does about his dog.


Dogs have that extra sense that allows them to understand what we, as humans, need from them on an emotional level. It may seem unrealistic for a dog to genuinely care for their owner’s feelings, but it is not in the least bit.


Some of what you can expect your dog to sense about you includes:


  • Dogs are quiet observers, which mean they play close attention to your emotions and respond appropriately when you are happy, angry or sad.


  • Your dog can sense your intentions before you even react. Wonder why your dog gets nervous before you even start giving him a bath? They know by grabbing the towel and soap bottle means it’s bath time before you even turn on the water.


  • If you act scared, be prepared for your dog to react by being aggressive towards whatever it is that’s bothering you or getting close and offering comfort such as with a head in your lap.


  • A dog can sense when you have other priorities that do not revolve around them. Dogs are creatures of habit and know when routines, schedules and playtime changes.


  • Dogs sense generosity and can tell a good person from bad. Dogs will act when they sense danger or a disloyal and harmful person. Reading one’s temperament is something you can expect from a dog.


What your dog senses about you is just one more reason why it is a great idea to bring a dog into your family.

How To Spend Your Pet’s Last Moments

One of the most painful moments in a person’s life is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. 7177919_SAn animal is not just an animal; they are an important member of the family.


Even when we know the end is near, we are still struck with the grief knowing that our pet’s time will not last forever.


Some people look to pay tribute to the life they shared with their pet after they have passed, but you do not have to wait until it is over. Sometimes you can prepare and do some special things with your pet prior to them leaving.


It is not that the grief of losing an animal will ever go away, but the love we have for our pets is a gift that keeps on giving, even after death. Honoring and loving on your pet while they are still with you can be done in a happy manner, just as in the 2011 book, “Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die” by Jon Katz.


In the book, an Iraq war veteran describes the impending death that will take his beloved dog from him due to a heart condition. As the pain and sorrow overtakes his emotions, he stares into the loving face of his dog and decides to take the heart-wrenching experience and turn it into something beautiful.


To celebrate the life they shared together, Harry plans the Perfect Day for Duke. Duke’s Perfect Day was to surround him with all of his favorite things, activities they have done together and opportunities to reminisce. Sirloin steak, couch cuddling, a long hike, and red toy balls are what Duke loved most and Harry was determined to give him all on his Perfect Day. This day was to ensure he always has the best memories to carry along in life.


You too, can turn a sad experience into a blessed one. We never know when that dreadful day will come, so prepare yourself by doing something special. The Perfect Day is just for you and your pet, it is a day to make you both happy and full of love and joy.


Once your beloved pet has passed, we can help you make arrangements. Contact Pet Cremation Services.