How Dogs Know So Much About Their Owners

Dog's EmotionIt has been said, and known, to all owners dogs are very intelligent animals. We spend so much of our daily lives caring for and building a loving and trustworthy relationship, which is why it is no wonder we know so much about our dog.


But when we consider a dog’s intelligence, are we looking past their ability to respond to commands and follow directions and see just how much they actually know about us? Yes, that is right. A dog spends more time learning about his owner than the owner does about his dog.


Dogs have that extra sense that allows them to understand what we, as humans, need from them on an emotional level. It may seem unrealistic for a dog to genuinely care for their owner’s feelings, but it is not in the least bit.


Some of what you can expect your dog to sense about you includes:


  • Dogs are quiet observers, which mean they play close attention to your emotions and respond appropriately when you are happy, angry or sad.


  • Your dog can sense your intentions before you even react. Wonder why your dog gets nervous before you even start giving him a bath? They know by grabbing the towel and soap bottle means it’s bath time before you even turn on the water.


  • If you act scared, be prepared for your dog to react by being aggressive towards whatever it is that’s bothering you or getting close and offering comfort such as with a head in your lap.


  • A dog can sense when you have other priorities that do not revolve around them. Dogs are creatures of habit and know when routines, schedules and playtime changes.


  • Dogs sense generosity and can tell a good person from bad. Dogs will act when they sense danger or a disloyal and harmful person. Reading one’s temperament is something you can expect from a dog.


What your dog senses about you is just one more reason why it is a great idea to bring a dog into your family.

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