How To Spend Your Pet’s Last Moments

One of the most painful moments in a person’s life is saying goodbye to their beloved pet. 7177919_SAn animal is not just an animal; they are an important member of the family.


Even when we know the end is near, we are still struck with the grief knowing that our pet’s time will not last forever.


Some people look to pay tribute to the life they shared with their pet after they have passed, but you do not have to wait until it is over. Sometimes you can prepare and do some special things with your pet prior to them leaving.


It is not that the grief of losing an animal will ever go away, but the love we have for our pets is a gift that keeps on giving, even after death. Honoring and loving on your pet while they are still with you can be done in a happy manner, just as in the 2011 book, “Going Home: Finding Peace When Pets Die” by Jon Katz.


In the book, an Iraq war veteran describes the impending death that will take his beloved dog from him due to a heart condition. As the pain and sorrow overtakes his emotions, he stares into the loving face of his dog and decides to take the heart-wrenching experience and turn it into something beautiful.


To celebrate the life they shared together, Harry plans the Perfect Day for Duke. Duke’s Perfect Day was to surround him with all of his favorite things, activities they have done together and opportunities to reminisce. Sirloin steak, couch cuddling, a long hike, and red toy balls are what Duke loved most and Harry was determined to give him all on his Perfect Day. This day was to ensure he always has the best memories to carry along in life.


You too, can turn a sad experience into a blessed one. We never know when that dreadful day will come, so prepare yourself by doing something special. The Perfect Day is just for you and your pet, it is a day to make you both happy and full of love and joy.


Once your beloved pet has passed, we can help you make arrangements. Contact Pet Cremation Services.

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