Thinking About Getting A New Dog?

In need of a man’s best friend? Dogs are wonderful and loyal companions who are completely smitten with their owner. Honestly, who wouldn’t want that? Maybe you’ve had a dog recently and unfortunately had to go through the process of losing them. Now, after the grief has passed, you’re ready to start a new relationship with a new dog.


By visiting various shelters and dog breeders, there are plenty of dogs out there in need of a good home.


If you choose to adopt a puppy, plan on doing a good amount of basic training. If you want an older dog to be your pal, you have to find a way to peacefully get them accustomed to their new environment.

 How to Choose

The first step before you bring a dog home is to decide which breed will best suit you and your lifestyle. Maybe you want to switch it up from a dog breed you’ve had in the past. Consider the different sizes, requirements and activity level for each dog. Very active people will want an active dog that is okay with going all the time and having lots of energy to expend.


For the laid-back person, you might want a dog that shares your personality and is less active and calmer.


If you are looking for a dog breed that will join you on the couch under a blanket and requires little exercise and overall maintenance, here is a short list:

Some New Dog Breeds to Consider

Basset Hound – commonly known for hunting, this breed also likes to veg out whenever possible and for as long as it’s needed.

Maltese Breed

Maltese – this is the ultimate lap dog. The Maltese rarely needs an excuse for curling up in the lap and taking a nap.


Mastiff – one of the largest breed of dog, the mastiff is no stranger to relaxation.


Shih Tzu – this breed tires out quickly after a round of play. Eager to curl up a take a nap, you can certainly lounge with the Shih Tzu.


French Bulldog BreedFrench Bulldog – not an athletic breed at all, the French Bulldog is a watcher rather than a participant.


These are just a few possible breeds out there, but there are hundreds to choose. Not to mention the mix breeds and “mutts” from your local shelter or SPCA are great options as well. You can get a mix in personalities and really feel good about providing a loving home to an animal that needs it.